Adler has been producing various sports shoes for baseball and soccer for half a century.
Adler is a Japanese sports manufacturer that has established itself as a brand specializing in Soccer boots over the past half century.
"Simple" is best. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
The classic and orthodox design that can continue to be a universal presence.
"Made in Japan" boot are finished by Japanese craftsmen, one pair at a time, with the skill and care of a master.
It is a "MADE IN JAPAN" boot, which is finished by Japanese craftsmen with the skill of artisans, one pair at a time.
The high quality that leads to good performance is realized.

Using our many years of shoemaking know-how, we have designed a slightly wider instep to emphasize the feeling of putting the foot into the shoe and to draw out the function of the toes, and to wrap the foot firmly from the midfoot to the heel in pursuit of stability and comfort.

The urethane synthetic resin outsole has a simple structure that provides excellent flexibility and allows for light and flexible movement.
The outsole is sewn to reduce peeling and provide durability to withstand hard movement.
The "Stitch Down Mackay Method" is used to sew together the sole using a special high-strength polyarylate fiber thread used in bulletproof vests.

The refined design of the upper with unique stitching provides a higher degree of stability.

Original production for Adler boots by ITOGO, a braided cord shoelace brand that uses the traditional craft of "Iga Braided Cord" in Iga City, Mie Prefecture. It has excellent durability and holds boots and feet in place and does not sag.

The foot-shaped cutting pattern is adopted to enhance the fit of the heel hold and the arch of the foot, which are important for boots.

By adopting natural leather, we achieve a sense of fine elasticity and hold in accordance with the characteristics of individual feet that cannot be reproduced with artificial leather, creating a special moment when the boot and foot become one.
*YAMATOKYO boots for rainy condition are made of artificial leather.